Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites

You Tube:



Face Book

Lee Enfield Collectors Group: ……. 832 members/2012. The creation of Dave Rickhoff, an interesting site with daily posts and pictures.
Lee-Enfield: ……. 2361 likes/2012. An interesting page with plenty of posts and images.
Ek Jag met’n .303/ I hunt with a .303: ……. 163 members/2012. An interesting active South African site devoted to hunting with the .303. Many images of sporterized Enfields and in the field with big game trophies.

Irish Lee Enfield Rifle Association: . Formed in 2012, name says it all.

You Tube

Enfield Accurizing: …….. From the author of ‘The 2012 Complete Book on Lee Enfield Accurizing’, a series of short videos on many aspects of accurizing your rifle. Also includes a considerable catalog of videos skimmed from across YouTube that are of interest.


Pinterest is a fast expanding social site where people use a visual clip board to post images they like, of their hobbies, interests and what have you. Like YouTube there is a quite a bit of interest by individuals posting their favorite images on Lee Enfields.




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