No4 Mk1 – A safety lesson

2012:  A DP marked rifle fired without first being completely dismantled or inspected after purchase by a new owner. The owner suffered minor burns and scratches but, with eye protection and ear muffs on, no lasting injuries. The hole drilled through the reinforce was out of sight under the wood work. Overall the rifle had appeared in new and unfired condition.

This may be a deactivation that once had a pin through the chamber to prevent it being loaded, which someone may have then driven out in order to get it working. They also installed a full length firing pin before passing it to the new owner. A highly dangerous situation which amounts to a booby trap for the unwary.

Further examination shows that this rifle has a target barrel by BSA, which means that the drill holes are not related to the DP marks which would have been done years earlier. Ironically, if regarded the ancient DP marks could have prevented this situation.

Conclusion: even though not connected in this case, DP marks should always be taken seriously and such a rifle inspected closely before being first used.

Enfield No4 Mk1 damaged

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