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Robust, reliable, and extremely accurate -- even at ranges beyond 1,000 yards,( and the Enfield was pretty good too.) Courtesy HowStuffWorks.com

March 2013 – Spam Attack: A number of our pages have been spammed with unwanted links and ping backs . They’ll be removed in time, there are thousands of them, requiring removal one at a time, so for now just ignore the mess at the bottom of the pages, thanks, R

2013 – New Zealand: Dick Travis V.C. Trophy Shoot by Karori Rifle Club This classic .303 shoot at famed Trentham rifle range near Wellington, NZ  has returned for Feb 16/17th  2013 with 300, 500 and 600 yards. For results and pics: Click Here

Oct 2012 – Irish Lee Enfield Rifle Association. Formed on Facebook in 2012, a new and active group. Listed here on the social network page.  Irish Lee Enfield Rifle Association

Sept 2012 – Enfield No4 explosively dismantled, a safety lesson has been added to Image Profiles. Click Here.

Sept 2012 – No1 Mk3 battle veteran. A museum worthy No1 MK3 with battle dedications has been added to Image Profiles. It has such unique character someone may know more history. If you do, please contact us to pass it along to the owner. Click Here.

Feb 2012 – Moore Leather, specialist re manufacturer of most WW1 and WW2 sniper leather work. Qualified military historian, full time leather work, Loyat Society member. http://www.mooreleather.co.uk

Nov 2011 -  All About Enfields, a new site, the focus is on New Zealand marked Enfields and their New Zealand use, and features sequences of Enfield models. www.All About Enfields.com

Oct 2011 – Cornell Publications specialize in old gun catalogs and manuals, including many interesting on Lee Enfield, incl T snipers as well as War Office publications.  Cornell Publications Click here.

Reproduction Lee Enfield Rifle Woods. A  New Zealand source for reproduction Lee Enfield 303 fore ends and hand guards made to order, specializing in early types such as the No1, as well as later smle models. International and unusual inquires welcome. Contact; Stuart – iona1802@xtra.co.nz

Aug 2012 – James Sweet’s classic 1954 Enfield reference ‘Competitive Rifle Shooting’ is being reprinted, a must have for anyone interested in accurate shooting. To be contacted when available leave your email. Click Here: James Sweet


Video Library; Top 10 Combat Rifles; Lee Enfield No4 Mk1

Video Library 2: Lee Emery versus Lee Enfield

Lee Enfield No4 Mk1

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