Dick Travis – 2014

Karori Rifle Club
Seddon Range, Trentham
Established 1892



The Dick Travis National .303 Target Rifle Competition 2014

The Karori Rifle Club is again hosting the Dick Travis VC, New Zealand’s premier .303 rifle competition at Trentham on Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd march 2014.
The format will be much the same as previous years. Shooting will start alongside the Wellington Rifle Association Saturday afternoon club shoot with two further matches held on the Sunday morning.
Any questions at all about form and function should be directed to the Match Director – Duncan McKee – le303@xtra.co.nz who will be happy to discuss matters with you.
There is growing interest in this shoot and the use of Classic British rifles in target trim. Much of this interest is driven by the desire for shooters to get these wonderful instruments onto a gallery range like Trentham. Some have a desire to win a prestigious Trophy named after one of New Zealand’s WW1 VC winners. Others are motivated by the commemorative aspect of the competition enhanced by the upcoming National remembrance of our WW1 soldiers that begins in August 2014.
As we approach the commemorative years of the Great War there is a huge and growing groundswell of interest in the men, their deeds and their rifles. In the opinion of the writer we are going to see ceremony on an unprecedented scale. Our news broadcasts will inundate us all with tales of the activities of all those involved in this terrible conflict.
From August 1914 until the Armistice in November 2018 the .303 rifles was used as the primary infantry weapon by soldiers of the British Empire. The Dick Travis VC gives rise to opportunity to show respect for that rifle and exercise it at New Zealand’s home of shooting – Trentham.
Some shooters will compete with fairly standard ‘Regulated by Fulton’ rifles. Others will have spent time ‘tuning’ their rifles to get the best performance out of these old girls. Either way, this shoot is fun and you get to share Trentham with likeminded riflemen.
March 2014 and the Karori Rifle Club, with the additional support of the other Wellington Rifle Association clubs, is putting on a Saturday night dinner. All participants in the DTVC are invited to a great social occasion and an opportunity to mix with fellow shooters.
You have six months to prepare those rifles and ammo!
There will be regular updates and disclosure of Range Standing Orders, Match Rules and other details by email flyers.
See you at Trentham in March 2014.
Duncan McKee
Match Director DTVC

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