MLE Mk1 – 1895-1899

This is an exceptional Enfield target rifle in as new, unfired condition, intended to be that way from the day it was made. It is an LSA Co Ltd, Private Purchase, serial A299, and the receiver has Lee Speed Patents stamped on it. Perhaps it was a presentation rifle for a prestigious shooter or event. Here is a summary from the current, happy owner.

The rifle is a MLE Mk I or  (Magazine Lee Enfield Mark 1) Owner summary comments… ‘I’m not knowledgeable about what to look for in the way of features that would indicate this rifle has been improved. I can say that the action is tighter than bark on a tree within the stock as I found out when I carefully took it apart one time. The barrel, unlike my other long Lee’s, has absolutely no play between it and the stock. It is also tight with no space showing. Is this a detriment? I would have to hold off on claiming that until I shoot it. The rifle is Very well made and the wood has never been refinished or sanded. There are no stampings anywhere on the stock except for two. A Broad Arrow and WD stamp in the wood under the action and another in the wood under the butt plate. The provisional London Proof House stamps are on the Knox Form and receiver. Also, There is the early Nitro Proof load stamp of 38 GRS RIFLEITE on the barrel too. The number 1622 is on the top right hand flat of the butt socket, on the barrel, on the bolt handle and on the back of the rear sight leaf. There is also the number A299 stamped on the Barrel Knox and the Receiver. Possibly this is the 299th such rifle put together by The London Small Arms Co Ld. Of course, there is the LSA Co Ld on the right side of the butt socket as well as LE and an ( I ) under this. There is no star. The rifle still has the original clearing rod and so It predates May of 1899 and probably earlier. The clearing rod has a brass head screw with steel threads in the end of the rod head as if to protect the threads.

The rifle was obviously a private purchase that was meant for the range.

The rear barrel band, front barrel band, Volley Sight plate and appropriate screws are in the white. The bore is Mint, having no wear or darkness anywhere. I thnk that this rifle must’ve been ordered, purchased and seldom fired. The bolt face shows absolutely no wear at all. The bolt head or extractor housing has PATENT with 6/90 or 5/90 under it. It also has LEE-SPEED PATENTS on the receiver. The barrel is full length and has not been shortened to Range length. It has no provision or lug for a stacking or piling swivel. This rifle was intended to be placed within a rack while on the range and definitely not in stack arms. This rifle was fitted by someone who knew what they were doing and was not meant to be an issue weapon.Thank you’, F.G.


z header left sdie MLE Mk1   1895 1899

Lee Enfield - Mle

1 header 600 MLE Mk1   1895 1899

Lee Enfield mle

z wide pair 3 MLE Mk1   1895 1899

Lee Enfield

z two sights tall MLE Mk1   1895 1899

Lee Enfield

z pair wide 1 MLE Mk1   1895 1899

Lee Enfield

z tall 2 z1 MLE Mk1   1895 1899

Lee Enfield



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