Lee Enfield Aperture Sights

Lee Enfield .303 with aperture sight.jpg

Lee Enfield .303 1907 with aperture sight

Lee Enfield aperture sights information and contacts

Helstons; http://www.helstongunsmiths.com ………. Comprehensive business, supplier to military and police, antiques and collectibles and even surplus armored vehicles. They also have a page of new and used aperture sights for Enfield SMLE ‘s. UK.

T Mac; http://www.shootingindustriesaustralia.com  ……. A modern remake of the Central aperture sight, including spares, will overhaul Central sights as of 2011. Aus.

Parker Hale sight info; http://www.rifleman.org.uk/PH_Service_sights.htm …….. The UK  Historic Arms resource, detailed information on Parker Hale sights, UK.

Click Here: http://www.milsurps.com/showthread.php?t=40040 A thread on Milsurps.com forum about AGP and Parker Hale family business history.

Lee Enfield Aperture Sights Visual Library


Lee Enfield Aperture Sights

Seeking sight pics; ‘Ace’.

Seeking sight pics; ‘Alex Martin’, Glasgow, UK.

AGP  ’9G’, for No1 Mk3, UK.

Seeking sight pics; ‘Argyle’.

AGP ‘Plus 5′, for No1 Mk3, UK.

‘Austral’, for No1 Mk3, Australia. Good sight, very accurately mounted top arm and adjustments. nice mounting plate with built in adjusters. Status; Not common, collectible, a good shooters sight.

BSA, for No1 Mk3, 1910, UK. Simple, reliable, forward post is equipped with volley sight peep hole to comply with early competition regulation, plus a going to war requirement when shooters went to WW1 and took their sights with them. Eye relief is controlled by using different shaped mounting plates. Status; Not common but available, collectible.

Seeking sight pics; ‘Canty’.

Seeking sight pics; ‘Climax’.

‘Central – Type 1′, has claw base, plus a rear facing left/right scale. Central 2 has claw mount with top facing left/right scale. Central 3 is a Bisley model. Central 4, see below, has grooved mount instead of claw. Central sights came in 1/2 moa, 1/3 moa, 1/4 moa, in addition to a number of types, perhaps 7 in total, some defined by having a taller main body than others, plus left handed models.

‘Central No 4′, for No1 Mk3 and No4 Mk1 and Mk2(depending on mounting plate), Australia. No4 model defined by; grooved system for attaching to mount plate,  left/right scale on top of cross arm, eyepiece mount has a slot for small 4 holed plate system, plus a ball detent in a hole behind the eyepiece. Can still be overhauled in Melbourne in 2010. Status; Still in use as a shooters sight. Simple, robust, reliable, won many competitions, and became very popular’ down unda’ after winning a championship away from Parker Hale equipped rifles.

‘Clarke’ for No1 Mk3 or No4 Mk1 and mk2, UK. Probably a Central made under license by Clarke, who are a UK company with a wider range gun business.This model is the same as a No4 excepting large alloy adjusting wheel on the left/right adjust.

‘Cooey’, for No1 Mk3, Canada, .22 cal, later used on the .303. Good sight, collectible, very delicate threads on the left/right adjust.

Seeking sight pics; ‘Don’.

Seeking sight pics; Humphries, Canada.

‘JNT’ – for No1 Mk3, New Zealand. Robust low profile sight for hunting, provides aperture sight benefits as per Enfield No4 Mk1. Not suitable for serious target shooting due to the lack of fine adjustment mechanism, but a good addition to the No1 Mk3 for older eyes and hunters.

Lane, for No1 Mk3, 1949, Australia. Classic, popular, good sight. Status; not common anymore, collectible, good shooters sight.

Lyman, ‘Model 66a’, for No4 Mk1 and Mk2, circa 1955, USA. Sight shown is on a non Lyman mounting plate.

‘Mues’ – for No1 Mk3, Australia. Popular, affordable. Comes with forward, mid, and rearward cant as a Mues method of controlling eye relief. Status; Not common, decent classic sight, a must have for a sight collector. Perhaps 7 different models available.

Mues, ‘Unique’ for No1 Mk3, Australia. Unknown version, no markings other than ‘Mues’.

Motty, for No1 Mk3, Australia. Classic, good shooters sight, 2 models. Status; Not common, very collectible.

Parker Hale – ‘PH5c’, For No4 Mk1 and Mk2. Knobs 1/4 MOA – 1/2 MOA.

Parker Hale – ’6A’, for Long lee and Clle, pre 1910, UK. Body is shaped to clear the bolt mounted safety of the Long Lee.  Status; Uncommon, collectible.

Parker Hale- ‘PH5′, for No1 Mk3 – The first of the famed PH5 range, 1924. Status; early, rare, attractive, sought after.

Parker hale – ‘PH5a’,1925, for No1 Mk3. Good reliable sight with several variations such as large body and small body. Status; Usually available, some body sizes are less common. Be careful not to buy a used one with the eyepiece mount below the cross arm, these are for the P14 enfield 303 and will not adjust under 400 meters on a No1 Mk3 SMLE .

Parker Hale – ‘PH5c’, for No4 Mk1 and Mk2. Alloy body, 1/2 moa, with PH 60 eyepiece. Status; available. Alloy body has black painted body, not popular with serious shooters but can be a more affordable way to get shooting with aperture sights.

Parker Hale – ‘PH5c’, for No4 Mk1 and Mk2. Steel body, very good sight, available in 1/2 MOA, and 1/4 MOA. Status; usually available, always desirable.

DOW 58 – 5c, for No4 Mk1 and Mk2, Sth Africa, made in 1958. DOW is a PH5c made under license in Sth Africa by Delphos Ordnance Works, and is externally the same. The cross section of some top arms are different from the PH5c, so some parts do not interchange. Status; Good sight, similar value and performance to the PH5c.

PH 8/53, for No4 Mk1 and Mk2, UK. Clever windage adjustable sight based on the standard No4 sight, fits with no alterations. Status; Good shooters sight as well as uncommon, sought after, collectible.

Premier, for No1 Mk3, 1944, Australia.

‘Premier’, for No1 Mk3, Australia. Very good sight. Status; uncommon, very collectible.

‘Rawson’,  for No1 Mk3, Australia. Robust, possibly the best engineered No1 Mk3 sight. Status; Not common, desirable, collectible.

‘Taylor’, for No1 Mk3. Status; Very rare, collectible.

AGP – ‘Model TZ’, for No1 Mk3. Very good sight. Status; Uncommon, very collectible.

AGP – ‘Model 4/47′, for No4 Mk1 and Mk2. (ie Enfield No4/year of sight design 1947). An extremely good sight. Status; uncommon, top quality, desirable.

‘Westley Richards’, for No1 Mk3, nicknamed ‘The Hockey Stick’.  Status; Early aperture sight, not common, very collectible.



No4 Mk1/2 Windmill front sight

A good view through a Long Lee aperture sight.

Stock No4 site with aperture eyepiece threaded into it, a simple and interesting way to try other eyepieces.

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